The Heart of Union: Living the Yamas + Niyamas



Expand and challenge the edges of your teaching. Deepen your knowledge, master advanced sequencing and put into practice the history and philosophy of yoga. Personally and spiritually explore and embody new and transformative teaching imprints to cultivate your authenticity and creativity.

“We will blend the heart of our two studios to bring everything we love about this practice together, joining our tribes in the true meaning of yoga - union.” - Linda & Raquel

300 Hour Teacher Training Nashville

A Collaboration of Love, Sweat + Soul

Raquel Bueno and Linda Fenelon are joining cosmic forces and have created a holistic training that supports your soul AND your teaching! Collaborative experiences mean YOU are part of this co-creation.

We are beyond excited to bring you a training that represents the heart of both our studios: a deep connection to the spiritual practices of yoga AND a deep commitment to discovering what’s possible for ourselves and our students - both on and off the mat.


  • Teaching Effectively from the Spectrum - Sthira to Sukha

  • Yoga Sutras as applied to Life

  • Teaching to the Energetic Body

  • Non Violent Communication

  • Sanskrit and Mantra

  • Empowering and Conscientious Hands On Adjustments

  • Diversity and Inclusivity in Your Teaching

  • Assisting and Holding Space through Sacred Service - (SEVA)

  • Ahimsa • soul communication and connection through yoga

  • Asana • physical devotion

  • Pranayama • vitality and how it influences your life positively

  • Chakras • physical and spiritual alignment

  • Mantra • how we vibrate energetically, emotionally and spiritually

  • Yamas & Niyamas • guidelines we live by

  • Anatomy • the physical and esoteric bodies

  • Kleshas • the energetic disruptions

  • Koshas • the physical and energetic layers of existence

  • Ayurveda • how we nourish ourselves


  • Ayurveda Master Intensive with Goyo Fawley

  • Yoga Dieties and Enlightenment with Vedic scholar Dr Manoj Chalam

  • MetaAnatomy with Kristin Leal @metaanatomy

  • Teach from Your Power with Dan Nevins

  • YIN YOGA Certification with Melissa Christianson @yoginimelissac ($425 value)

RYS 300

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Training Dates

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 8am-6pm

  • September 20-22

  • October 25-27

  • November 22-24

  • December 13-15

  • January 17-19

  • February 21-23

  • March 20-22

  • April 17-19

  • May 15-17

  • June 12-14


SELF Investment • $4,250

Early Yogi Registration$300 Discount

  • Available through JULY 31st, 2019

  • $3,950 tuition plus your books and supplies

  • *$500 deposit due at time of acceptance – applies to total tuition.

  • Payment plans available by request

  • Membership at both studios during training

Interview Required

Led by Raquel Bueno & Linda Fenelon


300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Nashville

Raquel Bueno + Linda Fenelon


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