Meet Ashley, our NuAlign Instructor!


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NuAlign is NuPower’s 60-minute signature Barre class coordinating proper alignment, controlled movements and targeted stretches to safely tone, lengthen and strengthen the entire body. This class is designed to increase overall strength, flexibility, and connection with the mind and body.

Have you ever wanted to try a new kind of fitness class but have a million questions?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit down with an expert and find out everything you need to know?

Ashley has been instrumental in creating the NuAllign class for NuPower. She talks to us about her Barre journey and tells us everything we have been wondering about the NuAllign classes.

1. Why did you start teaching Barre?

I chose to teach barre-based off of my personal experience of taking it. After undergoing knee surgery, I needed a low-impact alternative to my typical high-intensity workouts, so I figured I’d try out Barre. While it didn’t have the same sweaty, heart pumping effects I was accustomed to in my usual workouts, I was shocked when my body started to transform rather quickly before my eyes.

I had always been an active person but complained that I seemed to build more muscle I wanted to still feel feminine. So when I started gaining LEAN muscle for the first time with Barre, I knew I had found the perfect, safe, effective exercise format for me, and I wanted to share my love for it by teaching.

2. Why did you choose NuPower?

After meeting Linda a while back and hearing her vision for NuPower, I knew it was exactly in line with my fitness passions. She expressed an interest in adding Barre to her offering, and after all of these years teaching and taking at various studios, I was inspired to take everything I loved to create the ultimate balanced Barre class, hoping to add a stepping stone in fulfilling her vision.

Barre studios can at times seem to be a cliquey, non-inclusive environment, but after stepping into NuPower, you immediately get a feeling of inclusiveness and community. I am excited to see NuAlign grow in an environment like that, shattering any negative expectations someone may have when they go to take Barre for the first time.

3Why is Barre such a great fitness option?

Barre is a beautiful balance of strengthening, lengthening and proper alignment. By combining small range of motion movements with large range of motion movements, you not only target each muscle group throughout the body but work the fast and slow twitch fibers equally. After targeting those muscles, we immediately stretch out the fibers, to encourage a natural lengthening effect, for longer, leaner muscles.

4. What is the intensity level?

I encourage clients of all exercise levels to try out NuAlign. The beauty of Barre is you can make it as challenging or as simple as you need for that day. Through the various props we provide, you have the option to layer on additional challenges or add support in areas you need assistance.

While you won’t leave NuAlign dripping like you would in one of NuPower’s hot yoga classes, you can expect to get a little sweaty as we do move quickly through the class. We have one hour to cover the entire body, so we are working consistently throughout the class with short stretch breaks in between. However, you can always expect a yummy cool down stretch session at the end paired with a savasana to bring everything back to normal.

5. What fitness level should someone have before trying Barre? Is ballet or dance experience needed?

There is absolutely no need to have any dance experience to attend a NuAlign class. In fact, it quite frankly won’t look much like ballet at all, other than the fact that we use a ballet barre in the class. Barre is perfect for all fitness levels, experiences, and past injuries.

6. How often should someone take Barre classes?

Because of it being such a low impact, balanced class in nature, I always tell people you could take Barre every day. Realistically though, I encourage my clients to try and take it 3-4 times a week to start experiencing results. That being said, I think it is the perfect compliment to any of NuPower’s yoga classes if you need a break from such targeted work and want to incorporate more lengthening into your practice.

We can’t wait to see you in the next NuAliign class! Get ready to build long, lean muscles with Ashley. 

Ashley teaches Wednesday’s at 12:00 pm and Thursday’s at 4:45 pm. Find her next class here.

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P.S. You don’t need socks for NuAlign!