Pitta Season Salad


We are in Pitta season and loving it!

Here is how Banyan Botanicals describes Pitta Season:

Some of pitta's qualities are hot, penetrating, sharp, and oily—similar to the qualities of summer. So, if we remember the principle of like increases like, we realize that things that are hot, penetrating, sharp, and oily can aggravate the heat in our body and manifest things like heat rashes and other skin irritations. We can remedy this by applying opposites to the qualities of pitta.

The law of opposites in important during this time. Gravitate towards early morning workouts and lighter yoga classes (Yoga International) . We recommend NuFlow or NuRestore.

In order to find balance this season, it is important to make the correct diet choices. One of the things they recommend is sticking to lighter foods and bitter vegetables.

Let’s be honest, no one sits around craving bitter vegetables.

But this Pitta Season salad will change that. Rather than going out and buying special ingredients for this salad, try to use what you have. Because of this secret ingredient, everything you put in this salad will taste amazing.

The magical, not so secret ingredient Trader Joe’s Green Goddess Dressing.


It’s packed with flavor and makes anything taste incredible, even the most bitter of vegetables. It is low in calories, but doesn’t taste like it!

Making a really great salad starts by choosing the right green. For Pitta Season, start with kale or a brussel sprout blend (link) Both options are crunchy and act as a perfect base for this healthy meal.

Make this salad:

You don’t need exact measurement for this salad… add for taste!

2-3 handfuls of chopped Kale or salad mix

Cherry tomatoes - halved

Shoestring carrots

English cucumber


Pumpkin seeds

Tri-color Veggie Pasta (Or Gluten Free!)


Grilled chicken

Drizzle Green Goddess Dressing all over it (about 2 Tbs.) and toss.

This salad saves really well if you can’t finish it.

Be bold - Throw whatever else you have in. Sometimes I add left over roasted sweet potatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, or nuts. Stick to crunchy, light veggies or sweet dried fruits/nuts.

Stay cool this Pitta Season yogis! We will see you on your mat soon!


Remember to drink more water than normal during Pitta Season. If you need hydration tips, check out our 6 Ways to Stay Hydrated blog article.

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