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Tribe is our heart. Everyone is welcome. Whether it’s your first time in a yoga or barre class or your 100th, you’ll find a community that knows your name and loves seeing you walk through the door each day! We are committed to being a safe and nurturing space of connection, growth, healing and heart.

NuPower Yoga Barre Nashville

“NuPower is more than yoga. It’s life. It’s empowerment. It’s compassion. It’s a great workout for the body and the soul. I’ve taken yoga for years and have never found a studio with this level of depth and wisdom and fun. The classes are engaging, challenging, and filled with great energy from the other participants. The instructors are well versed in yoga and each one brings a new perspective and a bright personality to each class. I take a yoga class almost every day and believe that being at this studio for the last four months has totally transformed my life for the better. NuPower is truly a tribe and a unique community. I’m so grateful to be a part of it.”

- Susan H.


The Power of NuBells

The secret to building strength with NuPower is Nubell™ technology, a unique weight training system in which 21st century science reminds us of the importance of balance. Together these represent the beginning of a revolution in strength training and cardiovascular wellness.

Benefits of adding NuBells to your practice:

• Build muscle strength
• Integrate your core
• Support your spine
• Gain muscle awareness
• Boost your metabolism
• Protect your joints
• Increase bone density
• Develop power speed and endurance
• Take your movement practice to a new level


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