Sweat + Soul • A Class for Every Body




Nubells + Strength + Flexibility

Our signature class is mix of strength training exercises with NuBells® enhanced with a powerful yoga flow so you can lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Expect to sweat and move. You can increase intensity or modify as your practice dictates. Open to all levels. Room is unheated. Mat required. Class is presented in both 60 and 45 minute formats depending on time of day.


Power + Heat + Heart

Our power flow is the perfect combination of sweat and soul. A heated vinyasa flow set to music and linked to breath. Class moves at a quick pace - students are encouraged to modify as needed. Designed for everybody because every body loves to move and sweat. Room is heated to 95+ degrees. We suggest a towel and water.


Yoga + Vinyasa + Mindfulness

A creative vinyasa yoga flow designed for strength flexibility and mindfulness. Classes begin with intention setting. Pace is slower with extra attention paid to release and stretching poses. Room is very gently heated to aid in muscle length. All classes can be modified as needed.


Barre + Yoga + Nubells

Our signature barre class is a mix of  strength focused yoga, functional training, and alignment based barre work that will strengthen and stretch your body. Class incorporates NuBells®, resistance bands, mini balls, and body weight for a smart, effective and mindful workout. No ballet or dance experience is necessary. Open to all levels. Room is unheated. Mat required.


Intervals + Cardio + Yoga

Designed to strengthen your bones and heart. Class incorporates periods of high-intensity intervals and intermittent recovery with yoga. This 60-minute unheated workout will incorporate NuBells® to sculpt and strengthen your muscles while the cardio drills will maximize metabolism and strengthen your heart! Modifications are offered for all exercises. Open to all levels.


Yin + Restore + Mindfulness

A combination of Yin Yoga holds to lengthen fascia and Restore Yoga poses because your body needs to reset restore and renew. Designed to soothe body  mind and soul. Open to all levels. Class will use props- blankets, bolsters and blocks to create a restful soothing practice.




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