We think making time for self is a BIG DEAL!



Here are a few tips to make the most of your precious practice time.

Being YOU

Most important things first. This isn’t called a ‘yoga perfect’ – it’s called a ‘yoga practice’. Stay encouraged and let yoga do what yoga does (and barre!). We are here for you and so happy you are here!

Check In

We love when you sign in online to reserve your spot! AND Please stop by the desk as well to check in – let us know your name and show us your beautiful face. Connection is part of our mission statement for NuPower Nashville. Come say Hey :)


Allow yourself time to arrive and get settled. Arrive at least 10 – 15 minutes before class starts. Get checked-in, fill up your water bottle, turn off your phone, and really enjoy this time on your mat that you created FOR YOU!


Shoes, outerwear, purses, cell phones and other personal belongings should be left in the cubbies. The front door is locked during class.


We suggest investing in your own mat. We have a limited number of Manduka Studio mats and Yogi Toes towels available to rent. After practice, please spray and wipe the rental mats and leave in the practice room.


Wear comfortable lightweight athletic clothes*. Barefoot is best. Leave shoes and socks in the cubbies.

*We sweat ALOT in NuPower classes. Please wear clean clothes and do not wear perfume or oil. Remember – yoga clothes do not last forever! Please respect your mat neighbors and wear only clean clothes and use clean towels to practice. 


H2O is Super Important. Hydration is a priority in a sweaty yoga room.  Also – we suggest practicing on an empty stomach. Plan to eat at least an hour or maybe even two before you practice. Your body can really focus on movement and flexibility when it isn’t so busy digesting.

Please no food, gum, glass or unsealed containers in the practice area.


Sweating is good for you. For SO many reasons. Regardless of the heat level you will most likely sweat in a NuPower class. We suggest bringing a yoga towel and a hand towel for personal use.

Peace & Quiet

Please silence or better yet – turn off! cell phones and leave outside practice space – the world will still be there after class. This is your time. Everything works better when unplugged for a while – even you!

Barre & Circuit

Our barre and circuit classes are similar to yoga in that you will not need shoes or socks and you will need a mat. The instructor will tell you what other items to collect before class starts – balls, weights, bands etc.


Our mission statement for NuPower is to be a space of healing and connection. We love it when yogis can catch up and connect with each other and encourage you to say Hey to your mat neighbor. That said, some classes will have a Noble Silence policy upon entering – if the Silence sign is on the door please enter quietly and take the time to turn inward and really listen to Self. You might really like what you hear ;)


We could get all geeky about the science of savasana and why it is the most important pose of the class. Just know it’s good for you! Stay ’til the end. Please.

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