3 Ways Students Can Benefit from Yoga


College kids are moving back into town and we are thrilled.

School starting feels like a second New Years. It is a time for a fresh start and new habits. 

Being a student can feel overwhelming. You have so many things competing for your time and your own wellbeing does not always make the priority list. 

Yoga is a great way to practice self care and stay in shape. As you get into the swing of things for your first semester back, we hope you make yoga a part of your routine

Here are three benefits you will see from a regular hot yoga practice:


Yoga will connect your body and your mind. You will retrain your brain to be kinder to yourself. Yoga is not about perfection. Let go of your expectations and try. You will learn that it is okay to fail. You will build up a reservoir of positivity that you can call on when you feel overwhelmed by the demands of your university life. 

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Getting sick in college is terrible. It sets you behind and disrupts your life. Unfortunately, it is also very common with so many people studying and hanging out in common spaces. 

Yoga will improve your immune system and keep you in shape. You can reduce your chances of catching the icky viruses and infections that spread around campus. 

Finish of a class with a “Flu Shot” from Urban Juicer to ward off those nasty germs! 

Improved Confidence 

A regular yoga practice will build up your physical and mental confidence. Yoga will ask you to try out poses you thought you could never do. Yoga asks you to speak kindly to yourself and believe you are capable of more than you thought possible. 

This practice will translate into your everyday life. You will start to live with a stronger sense of self and optimism. Imagine all that you could accomplish this semester with a positive, more grounded outlook.

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Students, we hope you have the most fantastic semester and come practice with us at the studio. 

*Must show valid student ID

$80/month student membership 

Suzie Consoli