4 Ways to Make Your Tribe Membership Count


A NuPower Shine Tribe membership gives you access to unlimited yoga + barre classes. We want this studio to feel like a second home for you. You can leave your mat at the studio and come practice every day. In fact, nothing would make us happier! 

But did you know your membership comes with more than yoga classes? We don’t want you to miss all the perks that are included in your Tribe membership. 

Here are four ways to get the most out of your Tribe membership:  

Read the Newsletter 

Every Tuesday you will get the rundown on all the fun things happening at NuPower. Don’t miss any special sales, contests, movie nights, Teacher Trainings, workshops, new apparel, live music and so much more! Make sure you are following along each week for studio announcements. 

Another great way to follow along is on Instagram! Follow us here.


Did you know your membership comes with FREE CHILDCARE? Yes - we really mean it. Come practice and bring your kids. We have incredible, very kind babysitters who will watch your kids at the studio while you take a yoga class. 


You always have free towel and mat rental. But if there ever comes a time when you want to invest in your practice and buy your own mat, as a Tribe member you get 15% off all retail at NuPower. This includes mats, apparel, jewelry, oils and more. Get all your yoga gear at a wonderful discount. 


Auto-Renew AND No Contract 

When you join the Tribe, you will be charged automatically each month. This is a beautiful thing because you don’t ever have to think about it. Come practice and we will handle all the details. Have peace of mind that your membership is always up to date. 

We also know life happens. That’s why we don’t have contracts. If you decide to cancel your membership, all you have to do is send us a written notice 15 days from your billing date. 

There are so many reasons to join the NuPower Tribe. The community, beautiful studio and fantastic yoga teachers are just the start. Your Tribe membership perks give you the freedom and flexibility to take your practice to a new level. 

Join today! $140 / Auto-renew monthly