Why NuSculpt Works

If you have been around NuPower a time or two, you have probably heard someone mention our signature class, NuSculpt

This class is a mix of strength training exercises with NuBells® enhanced with a powerful yoga flow so you can lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Throughout class you will move and sweat. We love this class because it works. You will get stronger, burn calories and work your whole body in 60 minutes.

But we aren’t making this up as we go. NuSculpt works for a reason. 

Move. Hold. Pulse. 

The pattern of the class allows you to get your heart rate up and slow it down, while targeting individual muscle groups. 

Each exercise follows this rhythm. Let’s use squats as an example. You will start with full range of motion squats. During these squats you will feel your heart rate increase. 

This will be followed by a hold in your squat position. The hold forces your heart rate to slow and burns out your targeted muscles. 

From your squat hold, you will pulse down one inch. Without the momentum of the large range of motion, pulsing through the motion will work to lengthen and tone your muscles. 

Some of the types of exercises you will work through during sculpt are lunges, planks, push-ups, and curls. 

Of course, all of these movements are paired with NuBells, our signature weight designed and patented by our founder, Linda Fenelon’s father. “The most versatile and balanced hand weight designed for the 21st Century. NuBells are the first construction change in hundreds of years to challenge the more traditional dumbbell. With weight encircling the hand, they are designed to feel more kinetically correct during training,” (NuFit). NuBells will keep your workout balanced and safe. 

NuSculpt is designed for any fitness level. Every movement has options to increase or decrease the intensity. Your teacher will help you get the best workout possible no matter where you are starting from. 

We can’t wait to move, hold and pulse through a NuSculpt class with you. Sign up for your next class here