4 Things to Consider When Choosing a New Yoga Mat

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You have probably had a teacher start a yoga class by saying “land on your mat.” If you take yoga classes often, and we hope you do, you are spending a significant amount of time on your mat. Your yoga mat should provide you with grip, support, and space to practice.

Having a quality mat allows you to get the most out of the time you spend set aside for yoga and prevent injuries. Nicer mats also are more durable and tend to last longer than some of the cheaper “intro mats.” (Nothing against intro mats – we all have them!)

So whether you are just becoming a serious yogi, purchasing your first mat or you need an upgrade, a new yoga mat is an exciting and important decision.

There are several things to look for when choosing a new mat:

1. Length

Yoga mats typically are either 68” or 71” in length*. Choose a mat that feels like you have enough space to really stretch out. However, keep in mind that it should not make you feel like you have to be an Olympic Long Jumper when moving to the top of your mat. If you are able to hold a plank comfortably with your hands and feet both comfortably on the mat, it is an acceptable length.

There are several companies that offer longer mats for our tall friends!

Check out this Bustle article if you need more leg room: The 5 Best Extra Long Yoga Mats for Tall People 

2. Thickness 

The thinner the mat, the harder it will be on your joints. The thicker it is, the more difficult it will be to balance. Here are the most popular thickness of yoga mats:

6mm: As the thickest mat you can purchase, this will offer you the most support and will also be the heaviest. (Manduka Pro)

3mm: This is what you will find at most studios if you choose to rent a mat. It serves as a perfect middle ground if you are not particularly worried about extra cushion or traveling. (Lululemon’s Reversible Mat 3mm)

2mm: A great option for those who travel or like to practice on a harder surface, this mat will be lightweight and very thin. (B Mat’s Traveller)

3. Grip

When it comes to the stickiness of your mat, it will be important to think of what classes you are most often taking. Do you tend to lean towards Barre Classes and NuFlow? Or maybe you are NuSculpt and NuPower all the way. If you are taking heated or high-intensity classes, the grip will be important. (Find new classes to take here!)

If you are not concerned about grip, pick out any mat you like. If it happens to also be sticky, you will be all set if you try out a heated class. It will not change your experience.

However, if you regularly take heated classes, the stickiness will be crucial. You can also put a yoga towel down for extra grip. 

Here are three great options for mats that won’t let you slip:


Manduka Eko

Jade Harmony

4. Last but not least … COLOR!

Yoga mats come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Choose a mat that makes you happy and excited to “land” during your busy day. Maybe yellow makes you happy. Or maybe red reminds you of how powerful you are. Express your inner yogi through your mat and be you!

If you have any questions about choosing a mat for your practice, don’t hesitate to ask us!

At the NuPower Studio,we sell Jade and Manduka mats. Once you purchase your beautiful, new mat, feel free to store it at the studio!

If you ever forget yours or are new here, we rent Manduka Prolite mats and towels for $2 each at the front. (Tribe Members are free! Purchase a Tribe Membership here)

P.S. Need a new mat? Bring 5 friends to yoga before Mother’s Day (May 2019) and we will GIVE YOU A FREE MAT! Yes – we really mean it!