Fall in Love with Yoga All Over Again

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Our deepest loves are built through days of routine and simple moments. However. Every once in a while it is great to break the rhythm of normal life and try something new. This allows us to see our deepest loves in new ways. 

Whether that is taking your dog for a walk in a new part of town or trying a new restaurant with your partner, adding variety to a normal routine forces you to grow and learn new things about yourself and your love. 

As yogis, it is easy to stick with what we know. While we know there are so many gifts that come from getting into a rhythm and having an established yoga routine, there is something magical about trying new things in your yoga practice. 

Your first yoga class ever was challenging. You were required to test strength and balance in new ways. Now you know what to expect and it is easy to say within your realm of knowledge.

However, there is so much to learn in yoga. By branching out, you may discover your love for a different pose or a new kind of class. By spicing up your routine, your love for yoga can grow deeper.

Here are four things you can do to fall in love with yoga all over again

1. Try a new class time

This is an easy one! If you always go to morning classes, try a night class. If you always go after work, wake up early and start the day with some sun salutations. Our bodies feel different in the morning and at night. Switching it up is a great way to explore new possibilities in each pose.

See our full class schedule here.

2. Splurge on a new outfit

Try adding a fun new piece to your workout wardrobe. There are so many gifts that come by getting into a rhythm and having an established yoga routine. Remember that you will get more use out of yoga clothes than almost anything else in your closet if you practice regularly. Quality workout gear is a great investment.

3. Try a different kind of class

Did you know that NuPower offers over 10 different kinds of yoga classes? We are always adding new class types and instructors. Chances are, there is a class you haven’t tried yet. If you have questions about the different kinds of classes, ask us! We would love to help you choose the perfect class to expand and grow your practice

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4. Try a new pose

You don’t have to change up your schedule to branch out in your yoga practice. Try a new pose that scares you. Hold a plank where you normally take child’s pose. Or maybe you need to take the rest you need instead of always pushing yourself. You know what it looks like to require something new in your body to expand your practice. Allow yourself this variety.

5. Bring a Friend 

Right now, if you review a class on the MindBody app, you get a pass to bring a friend for free! Grab a friend that has never been to NuPower and share your practice. You will see the class through their eyes and notice things that have become “normal” to you.

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Try one of these four things to rekindle your love for yoga.