Four Questions Everyone Has about Clean Eating

This week starts our Clean Up Your Diet challenge at NuPower. 

We are supporting each other during these 28 Days of Clean Eating led by Dr. Jacob Hamrick. To kick off our challenge, we asked Dr. Hamrick to answer some FAQs about nutrition. 

Here are four questions everyone has about clean eating: 


1. Why are cleanses good for you? Do they actually work? 

Cleanses allow the body focused-time to heal while giving it (hopefully) what it needs to do so.  It can also awaken us and give us a fresh perspective on our state of health. Just like we may take time to focus on other priorities in life such as careers, family, travel, entertainment, etc; it can be good to give the body priority after days/months/years of non-mindful eating.  Cleansing/fasting can be very healing when performed properly. Think of a pond that has been contaminated with oil. You are the pond, and oil is the toxicity that can build up in our cells over the years. A cleanse will be the technique used to help remove the oil from the pond, versus just letting it sit and slowly dissipate over time.  That being said, there are many gimmicky and fad "cleanses" out there, many of which are ineffective. So much so, that some health experts have labeled cleansing as also being a gimmick. Cleansing may be as simple as having a day where you only drink water. We have to be informed consumers, just like with anything else. Your body has its own techniques to cleanse itself, when properly encouraged.

Looking for a great cleanse? Check out our neighbor, Urban Juicer!

2. What is one food we all think is good for us that actually isn’t?

Most granola! For that matter - Non-GMO or "Organic junk food".  Which is a food that says "Organic" but is still highly processed and refined and has sugar added to it.  So sure, there may not be as many toxins in it, but your body is still getting the sugar and insulin spike with the 30 grams of sugar added, which means your body is converting the sugar to fat, and you metabolic processes are being disrupted.  There are an increasing number of "healthy junk food" being added to the shelves.

Check out “15 'Health Foods' That Are Really Junk Foods in Disguise” from Healthline.

3. Is it possible to keep a clean diet when traveling? What are your best tips?

This is a tough one.  I like to sprout when traveling because sprouts stay alive and grow when sat on the counter (and not spoil).  Keep it simple! Health doesn't have to be overly complicated, especially if you're just trying to make do for a short time.  It can be as simple as buying a bag of kale, spinach, etc and some nuts/seeds to have for a few days. Traveling is also a good time to fast or calorie restrict, as long as you aren't going to be real active.  Maybe buy some wheat grass juice powder, moringa powder, spirulina, etc so that you can at least get the deep green that we need, even if you end of having to get a few "cheat" meals.

Order some wheat grass powder for your next trip!

4. If I am cutting out meat, what is a good protein substitute?

Sacha Inchi, sprouted pumpkin seeds, sprouted almonds, Quinoa, Tempeh.  These are all complete protein sources that are not meat related. Eggs and yogurt are great options as well, but are meat related.

Have more questions? Join our Clean Up Your Diet Challenge and meet with Dr. Hamrick every Sunday at 2:30pm over these 28 days. He will answer all your questions and guide you through this challenge. 

Suzie Consoli