Pitta Season Skincare

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Summer is in full swing and it’s a beautiful time of the year, but not so much for our skin. Imbalanced Pitta is to blame for some pesky skin reactions that lead to excessive oiliness, excessive dryness, rashes, sunburns, and even bug bites. Thankfully Ayurveda has some amazing all natural remedies to kick this irritated skin to the curb.

Rashes, Hives, and Bites: 

Did you know your favorite spice can calm most skin irritations? A cilantro paste can help reduce inflammation in minutes. Combine a handful of cilantro into a blender with a ½ cup of water and blend to a watery pulp. Strain the liquid into a cup, drink the juice, and then apply the pulp to your irritated skin. You can do this as many times as necessary.

Soap Overkill: 

Cut back on the amount of soap you are using on your skin. It can deplete your skin of necessary oils that help lubricate the skin. Dry skin can also lead to the body producing too much oil, which is also irritating. Instead of washing your whole body just use soap on your underarms and private areas, reserve washing your whole body for days when you are reallydirty.

Stay Cool: 

Wearing loose, light colored cotton/silk clothes are the only way to make through this summer.

Use Protection (SPF): 

Wearing a natural sunscreen is a must! Avoid being in the sun between 10:00am to 2:30pm when the sun is the strongest. Also make sure you don’t sunbath for too long, set a timer so if you do fall asleep you can save yourself some agony. Invest in a nice hat and some protective sunglasses to help keep the delicate skin on your face protected.

Treat Sunburn:

Soak off your sunburn! Add 10 drops of jasmine, khus, or rose essential oil to a cool bath and soak for 20 minutes. Once out make sure you pat dry and finish up by applying coconut or sunflower oil to your burn (both are known for their cooling properties). You can even add a few drops of raw honey into your oil to help your body draw in moisture and speed up the healing process.

Try out these summer time skin tips to help you brave the pitta season with confidence!

NuPowerYoga Team

AyurvedaLinda Fenelon