Benefits Of Mindfulness

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It’s a busy world and balancing a home, work, and social life can be an enormous task that will leave you multi-tasking through everything. When our minds are all over the place we put our mental and physical health on the line. Utilizing mindfulness exercises can scientifically improve your happiness and over-all wellbeing by taking you out of your head and into the present.

Stress Reduction:

You won’t only feel less stress, but you will physically be less stressed! Studies show that mindfulness helps decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Positive Brain Changes:

Using mindful exercises consistently can actually alter the brain to protect it against mental illness. It is proven that after practicing mindfulness there is an increase in signaling connection in the brain (Axonal Density), as well as an increase in protective tissue (Myelin). These all protect us against anxiety, depression, and so many other mental illnesses.

Better Sleep:

Higher mindfulness during the day can lead to lower brain activity when it’s time to go to bed. This helps sleep quality, and it helps you better manage stress the next day!

Music Sounds Better:

Mindfulness improves our focused engagement in music so we can truly enjoy and experience what we are listening to! This is why the music at the end of a NuPowerYoga class sounds so comforting and relaxing!

Keeps Emotions In Check:

Wonder why you feel so zen after a yoga class? It’s because after some mindfulness exercises our brains have better control over processing pain and emotions through the control of Cortical Alpha Rhythms.

Keeps You Focused:

Intentionally practicing mindfulness throughout the day can enhance your focus by keeping you from switching between tasks, and from feeling negatively after you complete your task. Throughout mindful practices you are encouraged to be focused and present with yourself and your breath and eventually those things will start to bleed into all facets of your life.  

The benefits are truly endless! Make a point to stay present, be mindful, and with whatever you do, be there fully!

NuPowerYoga Team