Surrender to Savasana

NuPower Yoga Barre Nashville

You get what you give during yoga, and fully giving yourself to Savasana can help you reap some amazing benefits! To help yourself surrender to Savasana I’ve outlined some tips that can help you get there and stay there until the end of class.

Make sure you’re comfortable

This step is key to making sure you can give yourself fully to Savasana. If you are uncomfortable or find yourself fidgeting, you may need to readjust. I find that my low back will hurt sometimes so I will either put the bottoms of my feet together and let my knees fall to either side, or I will put a bolster under my knees. If you want to get even more comfortable, put a blanket underneath your head and neck for some added support.

Make sure to move any distracting props out of the way as well; having a prop touching your body will keep you distracted.

Do what you need to in order to be comfortable!

Be aware

Get to know your body during this amazing time. Find where you feel the most stress in your body and make a point to relax those muscles. Maybe it’s your neck, back, or jaw, take a breath and try to get those muscles to release. Being conscious of these tensions can help you mentally and physically.

If you notice the same thing happens with your worries or thoughts and some are taking precedent over others, pick them out and allow them to fade to the background for this little moment of peace that you have.

Come in and out of the pose with ease

Make sure you give your body enough time in Savasana. A minute long Savasana will leave your body craving more, while 15 minutes may be a little too long. Your best bet is in the 5-10 minute range, where you won’t feel rushed. It takes time to settle the body and mind while going into the pose, and it takes time to come out of it. It is important to be gentle with yourself through the process.

Toward the end you can reach your arms overhead to give your body one last stretch and then hug your knees to your chest to get rid of any lower back tension. Wrapping up Savasana, really revel in fetal position before helping yourself back up, focusing on your breath the entire time.

Next time when Savasana rolls around, try out these tips so you can surrender fully and leave your yoga session feeling recharged and peaceful!


The NuPowerYoga Team