Yoga & Body Positivity

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We all know that yoga can help you get fit and flexible, but it’s the changes that you can’t see that are the most impactful. Yoga truly helps facilitate a positive mind/body transformation and here’s how:

1. Be Here Now

Anxiety happens when we start thinking ahead, or thinking about things in the past. It can creep in at the most inconvenient times and stay way past its welcome.

If only body positivity came as naturally as anxiety! The awesome thing about yoga is once we are on the mat we can start breaking down those thoughts that take away our peace. We breathe in the room with the faint smell of relaxing sandalwood, and exhale all the anxiety from our day. We can let go and be peacefully present.


2. Practice Self-Love

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we have control of the inner dialogue in our heads. We are the authors of the flaws, shortcomings, and negative messages we preach daily. We weren’t born with these negative messages looming around, and we don’t have to continue to hear them. We have picked up so many bad habits from, Moms, Aunts, celebrities, and friends that we never got to create a positive voice of our own.

But guess, what? You are in control and you get to change that voice. The next time you berate yourself you should think about how likely you would be to say that to a friend.


3. Tap Into Your Strength

Think about how far you have come in your yoga practice! Think of all the asanas that initially seemed super difficult or downright impossible. Look at the incredible journey that you have been on and how strong and resilient your body and mind has become.

Thank your body for all that it has given you and the amazing feats it is capable of! Don’t even start to think about what your body isn’t; appreciate it for what it is, where it has taken you, and the place you will continue to go.


Keep the positivity and yoga flowing to keep your mind and body healthy, happy, and balanced!

NuPowerYoga Team

Personal GrowthLinda Fenelon