Try a New Shape

Wanna know why your yoga teacher almost always reminds you that you are connected and rooted to the Earth?   
Do you ever think “Yeah, yeah, just call the next pose…?”

Here’s why: when you’re rooted, stable and connected to what is reliable, secure and dependable, you are safe to try making new shapes.  I mean, you know the Earth will always be there to catch you…whether your new shape is warrior 1, waterfall or handstand.

So, why is making new shapes so important?  

When we practice making new shapes on our mat (our own space of safety) it’s easier to make new shapes off our mat.   

New shapes could mean asking for help,  graciously accepting a compliment, re-organizing your day, opening a yoga studio, taking a risk in relationship…the possibilities are literally endless.

On or off your mat, whatever new pose you find yourself in, remember the Earth will always catch you if you’re rooted. Its just a shape. So try on a new one today. 

guest post by Liberty Sanders Bain – aka @nourishnaturalbaking