Yoga Mats That Can Take the Heat

Finding the right yoga mat is an important step when taking your yoga routine to the next level. There is nothing more annoying than slipping and sliding while trying to focus and find balance. After asking around and doing some research, I’ve narrowed it down to three options highly regarded by yoga teachers and seasoned yogis.


Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat:

Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat.png

Pros: Jade mats are made from an open cell, natural rubber that provides amazing grip, cushion, and resiliency for any kind of hot yoga practice. The Jade comes in two different lengths, a standard 68 inches, but they also offer it in 74 inches for taller yogis.

Cons: This mat is pretty smelly for the first couple practices since it is made from natural rubber. Due to the open cell nature of this natural rubber mat, it does need cleaned frequently since it acts like a sponge during those heated yoga sessions.


Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat:

Mnaduka PROlite Yoga Mat.png

Pros: You feel very grounded when using the Manduka mat. Slipping and sliding is not a side effect when you choose to practice on it. It’s very comfortable with the perfect amount of padding. The PROlite has a lifetime guarantee incase it ever tears or becomes slippery, but I can’t imagine that happening! The texture and stickiness improves over time with frequent use.  

Cons: If you sweat a bunch, this mat may be a little slick toward the end of class. Also, if  not “broken in” correctly there may be a lot of repositioning happening. The Manduka PROlite is bit heavy (about 5 pounds), so it may be a pain to haul around if you are traveling around to different studios a lot.


Lululemon, The Mat:

Lululemon The Mat Yoga Mat.png

Pros: The Mat, from Lululemon is an awesome one! This option doesn’t just have one side; it has two so. It’s like two mats in one! This option is made from natural rubber, which is always a plus. It has some nice cushion and a polyurethane coating that makes sweat disappear. It is also made with an antimicrobial additive that prevents mildew and mold. The standard length of the mat is 71 inches, so if you need the extra few inches, Lulu has you covered!

Cons: The initial smell  will take your breath away. It has a very strong rubbery smell that takes a long time to go away. Also, even though this is a great sweat absorber, eventually it will have permanent sweat stains on it.  Therefore, if you would like to avoid that, go for a darker color.


I hope this information is helpful to those in search of the perfect mat that can take a stand against the heat!

NuPowerYoga Team