You Don’t Have to Lift Heavier Weights to Build Muscle

Heavy Weight Build Muscle.png

Gone are the days of grunting and straining through a workout only to fatigue after a few reps and possibly injure yourself in the process. A recent study at McMaster University in Canada that was published in July 2016 found that people who lift lighter weights can build just as much muscle as those who lift heavier weights over time. They tracked 49 men who had been weight training for a year. Half the men were assigned to lift heavier weights, ones that would cause them fatigue after performing 10 reps. The other group was assigned to lift lighter weights, ones that would cause fatigue around 25 reps. Their training was monitored and administered four times a week for 4 months. Interestingly enough, the resulting gains between the two groups were identical!

Downfalls that come with heavy weights:

  • Can be daunting and unpleasant

  • Possibility for injury increases

  • Form can become compromised


Benefits to lifting light weights:

  • Low injury risk

  • Improved endurance

  • Can be combined with another fitness regime


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NuPowerYoga Team