Benefits Of Strength Training

It’s obvious, if you’re using weights, you are increasing your strength or endurance. What you might not know about are the added benefits happening just below the surface!

Boosts your metabolism:

After a few dates with some Nubells, both guys and gals will notice an increase in resting metabolic rate.

Increases flexibility:

Over time, your Nubells can help you become a better Yogi! Moderate strength training can create lean and balanced muscles, leading to improved mobility!

Strengthens bones:

Not getting enough Vitamin D? That’s ok, pick up some weights and start reppin’. Strength training will help bones toughen up, which can lower the risk for fractures.

Ups your IQ:

Turns out, hitting the books might not be the only way to give your brain a boost. Any exercise will help keep your brain healthy, but researchers found that strength training resulted in beneficial cognitive functioning in adults.

Amps up productivity:

Getting some time on the mat with your Nubells can help you stay focused throughout the workday! Even if you can’t make it to the studio, take a 30-minute walk during your lunch hour to get a mood boost!

Fights the blues:

Research suggests resistance training can release feel-good endorphins to help keep anxiety at bay, and help fight depression.

Helps you get to sleep:

Exercise in general has been shown to help making snoozing a breeze, studies suggest weight lifting in particular can lead to a better night’s sleep!

Cuts down your cancer risk:

Strength training three times a week for six months has been shown to reduced oxidative stress, which can lessen our cancer risk!


So why aren’t you using weights again? Pick up some Nubells today and start on the path to a healthy, happy you!


NuPowerYoga Team