Vata Season


This fall, we are all excited about crisp sweater weather, a break from the heat and a change of pace.

According to the wisdom of Ayurveda, “Fall also brings a predominance of Vata—the air element according to Ayurveda—which has the following qualities:






With so much change occurring around this time of year, it’s best to incorporate lifestyle choices that encourage a sense of grounding and warmth, especially when it comes to food.” (The Chopra Center

When it comes to our nutrition, it is important to see balance with the foods we choose and the season we are in. With this season of “air” you may experience more stiffness and a restless mind. In the same way that we find harmony in the heat during Pitta season (Summer) with light, fresh foods, we balance the Vata season with warmth. In this balance we will find more a grounded mind body and spirit.  

This is a season for soups, rich spices and root vegetables. 

Here are some foods to add to your grocery list for Fall: 

Cooked fruits
Butternut squash
Sweet potatoes
Dates (fresh)
Root vegetables
Hearty grains

(From: The Chopra Center

What are your favorite Vata season recipes? 

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Our bodies know the way. By joining Asana (movement) with Ayurveda (nutrition), the NuPower system encourages you to explore both sides of yoga on your pathway to better health and a balanced lifestyle. Proper nutrition is one key to whole body health. By eating in a way that is RIGHT FOR YOU the wisdom of Ayurveda can help bring your body back into balance.

The NuPower Nutrition program was designed by our team of Clinical Ayurveda specialists, Health Coaches, Nutrition experts and even an Integrative chef. Our nutrition challenge is based on the ancient science of Ayurveda and recognizes that physical health in our modern world depends on Balance.

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