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Two Summer Recipes You Need in Your Life

If you did not take the Cleanse Challenge with us, you still have an opportunity to try some new healthy recipes this summer. It can be difficult to say no to the sugar, processed snacks and fatty sides that come with this season.

Saying no to the fried food can be a drag if there isn’t another option. Luckily, we have found two tried and true vegetable based recipes to make you summer sides healthy and delicious. Make them together for a wonderful meal to share with friends.

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Choosing Vitamins Over Diets

With so many fad diets and “quick tricks” out there, it is hard to know what to trust. There are so many power bars and energy drink companies who promise extreme focus and intense bursts of energy. 

However, choosing to give yourself boosts of specific vitamins and minerals through natural foods is what is best for your physical and mental health. 

But what are vitamins and minerals? We all know we need them to survive but what are they?

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